Volunteers Needed

We want you!

The competition is run and made up by a group of dedicated volunteers who invest their time as a way of giving back to those who put their lives on the line to save others in the event of an emergency situation.

To become a volunteer you must be available to assist for the entire duration of the competition and on behalf of the Competing Teams, we thank you for your commitment.  See below the many areas in which you may be able to assist.  

Please register your interest by emailing: volunteering@naerc.com.au


The adjudication team is managed by the Chief Adjudicator and made up of highly skilled and experienced professionals from each discipline.  The Chief Adjudicator nominates a Lead Adjudicator for each scenario and ensures his team assesses each competing team equally and without bias towards a particular method of training. The Adjudicating team scores each competing team’s performance in the areas of leadership, technical skills, team safety, pre-hospital care, efficiency and under the consideration of “No Harm Done”.  

Scenario Marshal

Scenario Marshals under the direction of the Lead Adjudicator set and reset their scenario in preparation for each team.  With some of the scenarios the Scenario Marshal is required to have specialty skills and or licenses (for example – a forklift license for Road Accident Rescue).  As a Scenario Marshal you also assist with welcoming spectators, explain the scenario brief and ensuring the perimeter of the scenario is not accidently breached.

Team Marshal

A Team Marshal is assigned to each team at the beginning of the competition.  Team Marshals are chosen for their leadership skills, commercial neutrality and sourced from industries or businesses not directly related to emergency response commercial services or products. The Team Marshal accompanies and remains with their team throughout each day’s events.  As a Team Marshal you report directly to the Chief Adjudicator and ensure your team does not observe the actions of other teams at any scenario that your team hasn’t already participated in. 


Casualties make the scenarios come alive!  Under the direction of the Lead Adjudicator you are asked to act out a particular unique situation.  You will be required to ensure your actions are repeated for each competing team.  You may get very wet, you may just be asked to walk around in shock waiting for the right moment to pass out or go hysterical or you may be sitting around covered in fake blood simulating fake injuries waiting to be rescued, whatever you are asked to do you are sure to have lots of fun.    

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