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Team Registrations open for 2018

What the competition offers over and above normal training sessions

Too often a subjective assessment of emergency response capability is used to answer the question “Are we covered?” for an emergency event. Inevitably we produce training attendance records and competencies that are loosely matched to our risk profile or at least historical events that have occurred.  But on its own this is not an accurate indicator of our true capability to respond to a crisis or emergency event?

Whilst not common practice, effective methods that quantify emergency response capability should be at the very top of the list of priorities for any ERT Coordinator / Supervisor / Superintendent or Senior Management Team.  Emergency response capability requires consideration of more than competency levels with effective capability requiring an ability to apply technical skills practically. It is a fortunate reality that we do not have a high frequency of high level events in Australia, meaning the best and only way to assess the application of technical skills and competency is through planned emergency scenarios.

Ultimately it is through competitions such as the Northern Australian Emergency Response Competition (NAERC) that emergency response capability can be best measured through by simulating the stresses of a response to a “real” emergency event. Performance is assessed by independent adjudicators who are experts in their disciplines and feedback given to provide opportunity for updating of skills and techniques to meet best practice.

Competition / scenario performance combined with accurate assessment of competency levels commensurate with your company’s risk profile is the most comprehensive way to quantify emergency response capability. In isolation they give you only half the story and do not guarantee a successful response to a crisis or emergency event. As such the NAERC remains an important tool in quantifying our emergency response capability providing management with:

  • a degree of confidence and certainty that their Emergency Response Teams are ready to respond to a crisis and emergency event
  • opportunity to independently scrutinise strengths and more importantly weaknesses, which subsequently drive training requirements and methodologies

I encourage you to invest and register today.  It is our aim to provide a competition that will assist you to be better placed to respond to Crisis and Emergency events and ultimately save lives.

For more information email  or call the Minerals Council of Australia NT on 08 8981 4486

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