About the Northern Australian Emergency Response Competition

The primary focus of the Northern Australian Emergency Response Competition is on participation and skills development.  The competition is a ‘Friendly’ competition with all involved encouraged interacting, assisting and supporting each other.  Family, Friends and Mascots are also encouraged to join us and show their support.

The competition recreates realistic life-like emergency scenarios in each skill set for teams to test their ability to perform under the pressure of time and in a competition environment.  Live casualties add additional pressure and are made up of volunteering members of the community.  

Teams test their emergency response techniques and capabilities in firefighting, rescue from heights, hazardous materials, breathing apparatus search and rescue, first aid, road accident rescue and, as an optional extra  underground search and rescue for those experienced in underground rescue.  A theory exam is also conducted to test basic principles and methods.

Teams are made up of a Team Manager, a Captain, a Medic and five Rescue Officers.  Only six members participate in any given scenario.  Teams entering the competition are encouraged to have at least 4 members of their team new to the competition.  This mix of experienced and newer team members offers greater benefits to the overall skills development of the team, both throughout the duration of the competition and once teams return to site.  At any one of the emergency response scenarios a team may elect to use some or the entire situation as a training exercise. 

The competition prides itself on assembling an adjudication team who are specialists in their field.  The competition’s Chief Adjudicator and his/her assistant ensure the adjudication team shares the common goal of assessing the rescue in the safest and most efficient manner.   Points are scored in the areas of safety, leadership, first-aid, technical skills and efficiency for each scenario. 

The goals and objectives of the Northern Australian Emergency Response Competition are to:

  • Promote Safety
  • Build Team Confidence
  • Build Personal Confidence
  • Promote Emergency Response Training
  • Inspire and Motivate the Competition Community
  • Foster Comradeship
  • Establish, Encourage and Promote Emergency Response and WHS Networking
  • Promote the skills required of Emergency Response Personnel to the larger community
  • Support Local Business and Training Providers and
  • For Teams to utilize Adjudicators’ briefing notes to review and improve on their performance
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