About Us

Linda Young

Competition Manager, Linda Young

Linda is the Director of Darwin Coordinators specialising in Project and Administration Management.  Linda’s passion for the continuous improvement of Emergency Response stems from over 20 years association with the Resources Industry.   Having worked in Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory in chemical processing plants and metallurgical laboratories, Linda knows the importance of promoting an industry of zero harm.  Equally, being prepared and trained for emergencies is essential when the call for response comes. 

Chriss Ellem

Chief Adjudicator, Chriss Ellem

Chriss is the Safety Training and Emergency Response Superintendent for Paddington Gold Mine in Western Australia.  Chriss believes that businesses need to have a process of testing the effectiveness of their emergency response training without going through the trauma of a real incident occurring.

Chriss has been involved in training of Emergency Response Personnel, and organising and officiating at competitions and challenges across three states for over 15 years.  All industries need to be trying to achieve a vision of No Harm, however we need to have trained and competent personnel who can go in to ensure personnel are protected, injuries are treated and the situation does not escalate any further.

Bob Young

Chief Scorer, Bob Young

Bob is currently the Process Plant Manager at Minara Resources in Western Australia. Bob has extensive experience over a wide range of heavy chemical industries including alumina production, chlor-alkali and high pressure acid leach. Working with large quantities of chemicals in high intensity operations makes Emergency Response a number one priority, Bob has been a member of ER teams and knows that the only way to be prepared is to train, train and train some more and hope that you never have to apply it in a real process situation.

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